HR Technology for COVID-19 and Beyond

A Bluepaper

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Section 1. What is HR Tech

The answer is simple: HR Tech is any software or web-based tool that helps you manage your people. Admittedly, that definition is pretty broad. So here are some of the most common sub-categories. Payroll System: Almost no one computes payroll […]

Section 2. Why Now?

In a recent LeapPulse survey of HR professionals, 83% of respondents said their organizations had become more focused on digital transformation during COVID-19, and 80% of respondents believed they’d continue to accelerate in that direction post-COVID. We believe there ́s […]

Section 3. Staying Future Ready

Necessity is the mother of invention. The global COVID-19 pandemic has led organizations to be much more inventive in how they’re managing Human Resources. But we wonder if that reactivity—while necessary—is leading organizations to implement solutions for today’s challenges without […]

Section 4. Five HR Tech Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes in life, mistakes are the best teachers. Implementing new HR Tech isn’t one of those times. We know there’s a lot on the line; but don ́t let the specter of tech-related frustration prevent you from moving the ball […]

Section 5. HR Tech and COVID-19

Most of our clients use an HR and Benefit Admin system that we provide at no cost. As it became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic would fundamentally change almost all workplaces across the country, we could easily see how our […]

Section 6: Remote Employee Engagement

Organizations with highly-engaged employees are significantly more profitable and grow faster than ones with average levels of engagement. The reasons for this are simple: engaged people bring their “A” games to the work, they build capital in the form of […]