Strengthening Businesses

Empowering Employees

Blue Horizon Benefits is dedicated to turning the traditional sales-centric approach to benefits on its head with an entirely new model driven by working in a true partnership with clients. We are much more than benefit consultants; rather, we become integral to our clients’ business operations to give them a competitive edge. To us – and our clients – this benefits partnership model represents the future of our profession.

Our new-breed concierge service platform, Benefits PLUS, adapts to each client’s needs and wants. It combines nimble, proactive management and client communication with state-of-the-art technology tools.

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"The Blue Horizons team continuously fine-tunes our processes and makes administering benefits easy, secure, and thorough. They gave us “one-stop shopping” and connected us to other agents to enhance our program and give us a competitive edge in attracting and retaining employees."
Linda, Director of Customer and Employee Services
"I’ve received more proactive service and assistance with Blue Horizon Benefits in the last month than I did in a year with my last broker! I ‘m treated like a ‘big client’ with instant access to their technical expertise and online systems. Their employee benefits portal is amazing for digital on-boarding and benefits enrollment."
Josh, People Strategy Manager
"The Blue Horizon Benefits team out performs any other agency in the area. I fully trust their staff, their knowledge, their resources, and responsiveness. You simply can't beat their commitment to service and attention to detail."
Sandy, Benefits and Payroll Manager