Braden Monaco

Managing Partner – Business Development

Braden is passionate about building client and vendor relationships. He developed the firm’s distinctive benefits partnership model over the past 10 years with in-depth knowledge of industry trends and clients’ strategic goals. He negotiates benefit renewals across all lines, oversees marketing analysis, ensures account compliance, and works with leading vendors to ensure responsiveness to clients’ changing needs.

Andrea Flynn

Managing Partner – Product & Account Management

Andrea’s sharp focus on account management ensures that clients get the best benefits programs for their companies. With nearly 20 years of experience, she provides continuous oversight of program renewals, new products, market analysis, benchmarking, employee communications, and open enrollment. She’s a big proponent of technology that streamlines benefits management, maximizes employee satisfaction, reduces costs, and maintains compliance.

Chris Morin

Managing Partner – Technology and Compliance

Chris is the firm’s IT expert with 20+ years experience in HRIS/Benefits technology, audit, and deployment for companies of all sizes. He matches clients’ requirements with the best systems and practices for implementing new benefit options, employee communications, time tracking, ACA reporting, payroll and other programs. Chris ensures that managers and employees have the right tools to make informed benefits choices.

Heather Roy

Benefits Technology Consultant

Heather is responsible for taking the administrative burden off of our clients’ shoulders. She simplifies their lives by handling the additions, changes, terminations and COBRA notices that can otherwise be so time consuming. She also supports Chris and Andrea on technology and other day-to-day service items. Heather is passionate about health and fitness, playing in several intramural sports leagues, and spending time with her teenage daughter.

Susannah Robinson

HR Practice Leader

Susannah is a dynamic HR executive consistently selected to build, transform and lead high-performing organizations. She was most recently the CHRO and Chief Talent Officer for the YMCA of the North Shore, a $50 million not-for-profit social services organization employing more than 2,000 employees. Susannah is also an adjunct professor for Northeastern University’s Human Resources master’s program in the College of Professional Studies.

Eric Immerman

Benefits Consultant

Eric’s role as Benefits Consultant mirrors much of what he has done throughout his career, which is engaging with businesses to improve employee outcomes and retention, streamline employer operations, and reduce healthcare costs. His particular focus is on non-profits and businesses within the creative economy. Eric actively volunteers with the Northeast Arc, Creative Collective, and as a member of Beverly Rotary Club.

Partnership Approach

Simplicity. Service. Excellence.

If you don't do anything differently, nothing will change. Blue Horizon Benefits is dedicated to turning the traditional sales-centric approach to benefits on its head. We become integral to our clients’ business operations to give them a competitive edge. We believe this partnership model represents the future of our profession.