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Better Rx Management

The Middleman May Be Costing You

Prescription drugs are a commodity, that are delivered via a complex supply chain. The good news is this: your employees only care that their prescriptions get filled at the pharmacy of their choosing. Changing your Rx Partners modifies the supply chain without changing what your employees care about.

When we talk about Rx “middlemen,” we’re referring to Pharmacy Benefit Managers (aka “PBMs”). Originally, PBMs were helpful in keeping costs down and prioritizing the most effective drugs. But more recently, the major players in the PBM space have been acquired by health insurers, creating inherent conflicts of interest.

Of particular issue is the system of rebates which PBMs manage. It is common for drug manufacturers to offer cash incentives for PBMs to keep their drugs in favorable positions within a formulary. The problems begins when your PBM retains those rebate dollars instead of passing them along to help lower your insurance costs.

Working with an independent PBM can help reduce costs by maximizing rebates and eliminating conflicts of interest. And the best part is: all this can be accomplished without disrupting how employees receive their medications.