Section 4. Five HR Tech Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes in life, mistakes are the best teachers. Implementing new HR Tech isn’t one of those times. We know there’s a lot on the line; but don ́t let the specter of tech-related frustration prevent you from moving the ball forward. Simply avoid some of these common mistakes, and you’ll have a successful implementation and look like a hero to your team.

Mistake #5: Duplicating Functions

For every need your team has within an HR Technology system, there should be one clear pathway to accomplishing that need. Put another way, for your team to use a system effectively, there should be only one way “to skin a cat.” If you find yourself explaining to an employee that there are two different places they can view their paystub, you’ve overbuilt the system.

Mistake #4: Not Asking for Help

Before embarking on your HR tech journey, consider your key internal stakeholders and current vendor relationships. First, ask your HR and accounting departments for a wishlist of new functionality. Then, go to your payroll vendor—they might offer those features already. If not, they’ll know which systems integrate with theirs. And finally, your benefits broker should help you understand how a system can streamline benefits administration. Ask for help!

Mistake #3: Ignoring Reporting and Tracking

Many technology systems brag about all the data which can be input into a system—inputs are the basis of functionality. But as an executive, you should be more concerned with what that system delivers in the form of reporting and administrative tools. Will it help you with ACA requirements, or to view which employees have yet to complete a task? And are reports exportable in something you can manipulate—like an .XLS or .CSV file? Beware of systems that produce reports only in PDF.

Mistake #2: Failing to Integrate

This could’ve easily been #1. There are plenty of systems out there that talk to one another, so integration shouldn’t feel like a luxury. If you enter an employee into payroll, the benefits admin system should automatically know when that person is eligible for benefits. When an employee changes an address, it should update everywhere. And the HR Tech space is so competitive, the best systems won’t cost you more.

Mistake #1: Keeping it a Secret!

Once you implement new tech, don’t wait for a big reveal. Start using it! Employees should have some familiarity with any system before they’re asked to perform a complex task. It’s your job to help them dip a toe in. Perhaps you can assign a simple task like updating an address or a beneficiary. Getting them comfortable and working out the kinks will pay dividends during more stressful or labor-intensive times of the year (does that sound like open enrollment to anyone?)

The Role of Your Advisor: If your benefits broker isn’t having pro-active discussions about HR tech in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it might be time to talk to a true benefits advisor. Click here to schedule a demo of how we work with clients on strategic tech issues.

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